Loading Project, Scanning files...forever. RubyMine lockup OS X

RubyMine 3.1 and 3.1.1 just aren't working out for me.  Every day, at least twice a day, RubyMine just stops taking input and goes "Not Responding..." on OS X.  This causes me to Force Quit the app.  Upon restart and reopen of my project, I get to the Loading Project dialog.  It says "Scanning Files..." and "Processing module "production" content...".  But it never proceeds from there.  The Cancel button is ineffective (I can click it, it grays out, but it never actaully cancels anything.  The menu system still kind-of works, but if I click around on it long enought the beachball of death shows up.

What's up with that?  How do I stop it?  Is there some cache or something I can clear which will allow Loading Project to advance beyond "Scanning files...".  My only work around to date is to "rm -rf" the project and start over.  This can't go on.

It would be nice to have RubyMine not lock up in the first place, but following a Force Quit, there has to be some way to ensure sucess on the subsequent "Loading Project...".

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Problem solved.  Our rake file mounts a large number of files into the Project directory structure.  RubyMine felt obliged to index them.  Getting these directories onto the "Excluded Folders" appears to have stopped my "Loading Project, Scanning files..." forever blues.



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