Configuring RubyMine - Clean Slate?

Very much a newbie here - my apologies in advance.

I feel like I want to "clean" my system of any stragglers that might be getting in the way of having a working IDE.  I am having errors about duplicate gems, strange errors when I follow the 'notebook' video tutorial and try to set up a new scaffold, etc...

Example Error:  You cannot specify the same gem twice with different version requirements. You specified: rails (= 3.0.5) and rails (>= 0)

Potential problems:

1)  Installed Ruby 1.9.2 and now also 1.8.7
2)  Installed Gems 1.6.2
3)  Tried RadRails...then Netbeans (had trouble connecting to DB)
4)  (Re)installed MySQL 5.5.9 (I'm on 64 bit Windows 7 by the way)
5)  Uninstalled RadRails & Netbeans
6)  Installed RubyMine (love it by the way, am going to stick with it)
7)  When creating a new Rails project in RM, had trouble pointing to the right files
     -  I have the SDK selected correctly
     -  But don't know what to point to for the 'Rails Template'

Long story short - I think I have some issues getting this set up correctly.

So - any step-by-step documents to view - troubleshooting tips - ways to "start over" - something?

Thank you again, sorry for being lame.

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If you are using RubyInstaller for your Ruby 1.9.2 installation, please be aware that it's not compatible with any gems versions except the bundled one (1.3.7). Updating rubygems via gem update --system is known to break the Ruby installation.

I'd suggest to remove everything Ruby related from your system and install it from scratch without updating rubygems.


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