RubyMine cannot debug rake unit tests nor RSpec specs? Any workaround?

I tried to debug a unit test and failed today, so I searched and found this thread and this other thread which indicate that RubyMine simply cannot debug these things.

Assuming this is still true, are there any workarounds? I.e., if I want to debug a specific unit test, can I set up some kind of alternate target in RubyMine that does not use rake but executes the test directly? Or will this also not work?

Suggestions for other tools to try (hopefully with graphical debugger) are also welcome. Thanks.

Edit: by 'failed' I mean the debugger showed the textual output of the failing test in its console view, but never stopped at any breakpoints.

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You can launch Unit/RSpec test without rake. Just open a context menu in Unit/RSpec test file and choose run/debug action.


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