Find Usages for a has_many?

Apologies if this is obvious, but I can't seem to get this to work. I have a "has_many"

has_many :photosets, :through => :photoset_casts, :source => :photoset,
    :conditions => ["#{Photoset.is_published_condition("photosets")}"],
    :order => 'published_at ASC', :uniq => true

I added another one, with a slightly different set of condtions, and I wanted to look at all of the current usages to see which ones I needed to change to the new one. I wanted to use the Find Usages, as the raw string "photosets" appears in lots and lots of places. However, no matter what variation of "photosets" I select, the Ruby Mine wants to either show me usages for the class Photoset (the :source), or for the class User (which is the class this snippet of code is embedded in). The "Find Usages..." option requires a selection, so I can't select nothing, and then try typing in "User::photosets".

Any suggestions (telling me I'm a noob, and it is easy is fine, as long as you tell me explicitly what the easy thing is)?


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