git branch not working for local branch

Whenever I try and create a branch using the Git > Checkout ... dialog I am prompted with 'not a valid-object' for the branch name. If I issue the same git command from the command-line it works. It seems that RubyMine is only allowing git-branches for remotes; however, I just want to create a local branch. This is a very common workflow and should be directly supported by RM.

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Hi Bill,

You may vote for Git branch management enhancements : or

As a workaround you may set the following values in the Checkout Branch dialog:
1. Set the "Checkout" field to master
2. Set the "As new branch" field to the branch name to want ("feature", for example).
3. Uncheck "Track branch"
4. Press "Checkout".

This will act the same as "git checkout -b feature"

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I voted as I also think it's an important missing feature


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