RubyMine 3.1 - Minor Bugs

Hi there.

I've spotted two minor regressions in RubyMine 3.1 Build 103.105, running on Debian Lenny, JDK:1.6.0_12.

The project is a Rails 2.3.5 app (yeah I know.... I'm old fashioned... takes me a a while to upgrade :) )

The regression concerns the Ruby -> "Incorrect call argument count" inspection. The inspection fails on routes. For example, in routes.rb:

map.resources :profiles

in app/views/profiles/show.html.haml, the following are flagged as errors by the inspection:

edit_profile_path(@profile) <--- flagged with "Found 1 extra argument(s). Required 0....

Also, the following line in routes.rb trips up another inspection:

map.resources :recipes, :member => {:print => :get, :email => :get, :watch => :get,  :commented => :post}

In the abiove, :print, :email, :watch, :delete are all flagged with, "Unexpected hash key".

Neither of the two above were an issue in RubyMine 3.0.1

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Do you know a work around for this, Nazar?  I think i would just like to disable this check for now.

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Hi David.

My solution was revert to RM 3.0.1 as I am slightly dependant on that plugin picking up incorrect parameters in my code.

Oleg kindly answered a post of mine in another thread stating that this has been fixed in the upcoming RM 3.1.1.

HTH and cheers.


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