Windows and Mac versions, one license?

I bought, installed and registered Rubymine for Windows.  I'd like to install Rubymine on my Mac.  May I use the same license?  Thanks.

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Look at the RubyMine License Agreement
Excerpt from that is:

"(a) Licensee may:
(i) install and use the licensed edition and version of the Software specified in License Certificate(s) on any number of Clients and on any operating system supported by the Software, provided that a number of concurrent users of the Software never exceeds the number of Authorized Users specified in the appropriate License Certificate(s) and that the same License Key is not used by multiple Authorized Users, on multiple Clients, or on different operating systems at a time;"

So you may install Rubymine on your Mac with the same license, but you may use only one installation (Windows or Mac) at a time.
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Yep, Wivern is quite right. You can have RubyMine installed on differenrt machines and OSes, but you cannot use more than one instance running simultaneously.



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