Easy way to print an overview of all keyboard shortcuts?


As part of the grand quest to eliminate the mouse, having a printed overview of all shortcuts next to my keyboard would be very handy. What I've learned so far:

  • There's a PDF available via Help - Default Keymap Reference, but this is far from complete
  • The online help pages on Keyboard Shortcuts only refer to keyboard tokens, not actual keys (is that intended by the way?)
  • The equivalent in app Help pages do have concrete keys in them

So the latter seems to be the only usable source.

Drawback of the in app Help is that it's a proprietary format and it's a bit of a hassle to copy-paste all of the relevant pages into a single document.

Any chance the full overview I'm looking for is already lying around somehwere?



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Hello Menno,

We've just updated the webhelp and now it contains actual shortcuts instead of tokens, sorry for this inconveniences.
Please note, that you can easily switch for win/nix to mac shortcuts using the corresponding combobox.



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