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We are planning to switch EDI tools for our company and were planning on purchasing RubyMine for all of the engineers but the first two of us who are trying the tool are unable to commit files to CVS.  
We can browse our CVS repository and even checkout projects, but when we made a change the UI always comes back with 'Invalid CVS Root:' error when we try to commit the files.  

We are still able to check-in using Eclipse, Netbeans, or Aptana without problems and using the same settings: :eg. ext:tblahnik@

Thanks in advance.

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I am not sure about the cause, but seems it could be wrong configuration:
please check whether Settings | Version Control contain correct path(s) to CVS working copies,

<path to CVS working copy root> -> CVS

(I suggest putting exact paths here, not just <Project Root>)


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