Bookmarks - depending on the current git branch

I switch often between different git branches in the same project,
because I must edit other features or bugs before I have finished the first one.

We have a big code base, so I use the bookmark tool very often to quickly jump
to the marked methods, files,...

It seems to me very useful, to have different contexts for the bookmarks (depending on the current branch),
because for feature 'A' I need the bookmarked methods 'a_1' and 'a_2' and for feature 'B' I need 'b_1', 'b_2'.

With 5 bookmarks it is ok, but with 10 bookmarks per feature it get confusing.
It will be more clearly, if the bookmarks are context-sensitive.

What do you think? Can the feature be realized?

Best regards,

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Tasks plugin in RubyMine allows to save "context" (opened files, breakpoints, etc.). Unfortunately it doesn't save bookmarks. I've filed an issue - Please vote and track.


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