Editor windows wont show after crash

Problem: should RM be closed with taskmanager->end process and then restarted -- it will not open editor window if you click on any file in project view.
Happens not regularly.

How to reproduce:

WindowsXP Pro, dual core 1.6, 1 GB ram
Open RM, open a few windows of rails 2.3.8 application (any application, nothing specific, it happened with several of them, so app is not a problem).
Then shutdown RM with task manager. (Some times I need to do this when RM + Firefox all together swallowd over 2 GB of memory and working such PC becomes a pure pain)
Restart RM, it will open the last project. Now it can happen that either this porject will show the mentioned problem, or the next one (usually I have 2 projects opened -- rails application and console utility written in Ruby and which does some file processing (namelly it generates specific HAML views)).
I will clarify a bit: so there was 2 projects opened rails and that utility. Kill RM with task manager, restart RM, go to File->reopen or ->open-folder, then choose "in new window" -- one of these two reopened projects will not show editor windows when you click on file node in Project view.

Happens time to time (I do not have too much statistics right now, 'coz I not so often shutdown RM in this way ).
Actually in window title it will change to file name, like it has opened it, but the editing pane will not show

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Most likely that this is connected with corrupted indexes while crashes. Could you please attach your log files after yet another failure?
RubyMine tries to keep internal indexes consistent and uptodate, nevertheless ocassionally it cannot manage to recover them after crash, in order to avoid it, please close RubyMine properly and use File | Invalidate Caches action to fix the problem.



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