Introduce Variable. Has it changed for RubyMine 3.0?

I use introduce variable when I am newing up a class.  How can I get it to work this way again?
For example if I want to new up MyCoolClass

  1. type MCC =>  control + space to expand the class name, now the cursor is at the end of the expanded class name
  2. Use introduce variable (command+alt V)to create the local variable my_cool_class.  Now I have my_cool_class = MyCoolClass and the cursor is at the end of the class name
  3. Type . +ctrl + space to bring up methods and select new.  now I have my_cool_class =

It seems as of RubyMine 3 I cannot do this anymore. After I expand my class name I have to move the cursor back one character from the end of the name and introduce variable.
When I introduce the variable, I then it looks like this with the cursor on the second line:
my_cool_class = MyCoolClass

How can I get this to work again or use a better method?

I am on Mac OS 10.5 and Rubymine 3.0.1

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Hello Scott,

This is already fixed in development builds, sorry for such inconveniences. We are going to launch RubyMine 3.1 Early Access Preview in a couple of weeks.



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