Possible to set the default zoom level?

I assume the feature would be called 'zoom':

CTRL+MouseWheel Up

CTRL+MouseWheel Doom

Is there a way to set the defualt zoom level?  I work a lot on a 1080p laptop monitor and the default zoom level is really low for me.  So, I often find myself having to zoom in all the way every time I open a new document.

Also, it would be great if you could zoom in a little more.   Some times I want things even bigger.


Hello Reno,

You can easily configure default font size used in editor using File | Settings | Editor | Colors & Fonts | Font | Size.



I feel stupid.    I tried it under 2.0 a while back and had some problem so I gave up and forgot about it.   Works great now.   Thanks (doh!)


Will this reload the existing windows in the editor and display with the new font? In effect, I want a *global* zoom level. I switch between my desktop at home, work and small (13") mac display.

Ideally, I would have a number of presets I could configure and switch between (autodetect (by monitor set) and switch with prompt would be the best).



there've been related improvements, please take a look: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-164566 


Olga, the link in your message does not work. Could you repost the correct link, please?





Craig, sorry for misleading. As far as I understood, you'd like to switch between different settings' sets, in this case please vote for the corresponding request:



Hi, Now 2022, and Rider still does not have simple button Zoom => Reset to default?

Sorry, but what are you doing there?

Does it mean , that I can't safely decrease size, for example to make a screenshot and than return back? I have to manually find the right value


Igor Nesterov, you can configure a shortcut for Reset Font Size action via Settings | Keymap | Editor Actions.


Olga, thanks, I think I will forgot this shortcut because it's not a function which is used every day, but 100% percent is used from time to time. Why not to create shortcut on left bottom or right corner? It contains a lot of useless icons but does not have important one.

Why did you add Solution Wide Analyze icon on editor? During 9 years I never used this feature in VS and my colleagues too,  but I am using Zoom when I need to make a screenshot and try to fit all neccessary code into one display screen and I'm pretty sure other devs too.


Igor, you can add 'Reset font size' action's icon to the Main toolbar for example (via Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Menus and Toolbars)


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