Git Ignore - .idea/ user files

I'm having trouble keeping the .idea/ workspace files out of my GIT repository.
I've followed this advice:

Which explains to exclude the following:


When this placed in my .gitignore file however it has not effect, and every change to a file within RubyMine causes the workspace.xml file to reappear in the GIT status as a changed file.

Is there something obvious I'm doing wrong here?  I've attached my .gitignore file (with the prefix . removed).


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Hello Phil,

If you create a file in your repo named

git will use its rules when looking at files to commit. Note that git will not ignore a file that was already tracked before a rule was added to this file to ignore it. In such a case the file must be un-tracked, usually with
git rm --cached filename

Hope this helps,
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Brilliant!  That did the trick.

Thanks Oleg.

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Great, develop with pleasure!

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Is it possible to ignore the .idea folder for all projects? If someone forgets to ignore the folder and commits it accidently our Git breaks...

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you can configure global .gitignore for that purpose.


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