"Show Applied Styles For Tags" Menu Option

Your IDE has a "Show Applied Styles For Tags" feature, but I'm a little confused as to how it works. I have tried clicking on an element in both a CSS file and a HAML one and I never see the aforementioned menu option in the context menu. I have also tried Ctrl-Shift-A (to select an action), and when I enter "applied" I get a bunch of choices (4) which include this menu option, but it is disabled.

So there seems to be no way to fire up the "CSS Styles" window that is pictured in your Help.

Is this feaure working? Also, can go from an ERB tag to the corresponding CSS element? This seems like it'd be a neat feature. If so, will it work for HAML files? (BTW, in my test HAML file I actually entered "normal" code, i.e. <div id='notice'>Test String</div>. When I right-clicked on 'notice' I had hoped I would see the CSS Styles window for this element, but again, that choice was disabled. (And the 'notice' element does exist in my CSS style sheet and the string displays correctly, so the plumbing is correct.)


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