Debugger fires up... then immediately disconnects


This happens in RubyMine 3.0 (RM 97-125, Nov. 29): When I first fired up the debugger it said a gem was missing and asked if I wanted to install it. I replied 'yes' and it took awhile (because it had to build native extensions), but after a few minutes it was done.

Now when I fire up the debugger I get all of the right windows, it says "Connected"... and then after a few seconds switches to "Disconnected" - without even firing up my home page. I don't have any breakpoints (or anything else) set, nor have I changed any of the default settings.

I am using your IDE on two machines: a 64-bit desktop and 32-bit laptop. Both are running Linux 10.10. This problem occurs on the 64-bit desktop; the 32-bit laptop fires up the home page in the browser and then sits there waiting for action (displaying "Connected") like it's supposed to.

I did a search of the forums but didn't find any reference to a problem like this.

Anybody have any ideas?


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Hello Larry,

Please enable debugging verbose output at File | Settings | Debugger | Ruby | Enable Verbose Output and attach console output here.
Also log files are required. Instructions are here:


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Hi Oleg,


Good thing you asked me to attach the console output as it made me realize what I was doing wrong: I had "Spec" selected in the Run Drop-Down on the toolbar, so when I fired up the debugger it was debugging my RSpec tests, not my development server.

Since there was no console output, the only way I could tell this was by looking at the titlebar of the output window, which normally doesn't even register with me. But since I was paying attention to it now, I realized it said "Spec".

Oops. Sorry. :(

Thanks a lot,


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