Whacked-out menu behavior

Now that I have your attention with that must-read "Subject" line :)...

I am using Version 3.0 (RM 97-125) of your IDE on 2 machines: a 64-bit desktop and 32-bit laptop. Both are running Ubuntu Linux 10.10 and using Sun's JDK 1.6.0_22. (I used to use OpenJDK, but read a post that said you don't support that.)

The menus are fine on the 64-bit desktop, but on the 32-bit laptop they wipe-out and/or redraw big chunks of the underlying IDE windows, effectively rendering the IDE useless. I have attached some screen shots and am hoping someone can help, because, like I said, I can't even use it.


P.S. I'm just starting out with Version 3, so will probably be posting questions for the next few days. But that's to be expected for any new release of an application as complex as this. I have been a RubyMine user for years (started with RadRais, followed by NetBeans) and I LOVE YOUR IDE! Really, whatever "complaints" or "issues" I have pale in comparison for how grateful I am that you guys (and gals) have put together such an incredible product! THANK YOU!!!

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Hello Larry,

I am using RubyMine on Ubuntu 10.10 x64 with 32bit Oracle JDK and everything works well for me. Any particular steps to reproduce?
Anyway you can try changing L&F used in RubyMine in File | Settings | Appearance | Look & Feel.

Hope this helps,

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It sure did help, Oleg. I switched from GTK+ to Metal and all is well. Thanks a lot!


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