So, I'm a paying customer for RubyMine 2.. I've been updating and using/testing RubyMine 3 throughout the entire process.. Today I was working and I set my system clock forward about a week to check that some date functionality in my system is working as I expect on the front end while RubyMine was open.

This prompted a dialog in RubyMine asking for some user feedback, which I provided.. and then when I switched back to RubyMine it was expired.  No biggie, I roll my clock back, delete all instances of RubyMine from applications, and put the latest version back in.. it still drops me out saying it's expired, so I decide to pay -- but I can only buy the 2.0.2 version, for which I already have a license.

Seriously, frustrating as hell guys.

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I'll only comment on the purchase part now.
There is no problem buying 2.x now.
With RubyMine you get ALL updates for free during one year since the purchase date. So, once we release 3.0 (sooner than you may guess) you can use it automatically.

Hope it helps.


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