97.73 doesn't show rvm rubies or gemsets

Hello.  I'm looking for a good Ruby/Rails development environment that has a future, and am happy to pay money.

So I've just installed RubyMine 3 beta on OS X 10.6.4.  I have a working rvm v 1.0.14 and several functional Rails 3.0 apps.

Under Prefs, Ruby SDK and Gemsets, I see a dropbown box saying "[no SDK selected]" and there are none to choose.  I tried to add a Ruby (1.9.2-p0) but the gemset selection was empty.  And anyway, I've read elsewhere that the software looks for ~./rvm so I should not need to configure anything.

This seems broken.

Is there anything to be done?

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Hello Frank,

Most likely you are expriencing the problem described at: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/RUBY-7031
You should create or open existing project to get RubyMine scan rvm rubies.


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Thank you, Oleg.  That analysis was perfect.  I opened RM, had it "open directory" to a directory containing a Rails application.  I saw my rvm rubies including my gemsets, but not the gems within them.  Closing and reopening RM revealed my gemsets.

So there's some roughness to work out, but it can work.


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