Ctrl-C in the running Mongrel server window?

Hey guys,

I'm fairly new to rails on Intellij and so far I like what the Ruby plugin offers.
However, I have a simple (and possibly stupid) question:
After having started my Mongrel server it happily serves requests and outputs it STDOUT logging messages to the "Run" window on the bottom of the screen.
No problem there.

However, I seem to not be able to send a Ctrl-C to it to regularly stop it as I would had I started it directly from the command line.
Rather Ctrl-C acts as the shortcut for copy (as in copy&paste).

Is there a way to make mongrel see my Ctrl-C key in the run window and interpret it as the abort command when there is no text-selection made in the window?

Thanks for your help on this!




Hi Mathias,
To stop web server (mongrel/webrick/etc) you should click "Stop" button (red square on the right side of window with mongrel output)


I know this post id kinda out-dated... but I am experiencing the same problem here (also, I am quite new to RoB).

When I press the red STOP button, the server keeps running and I'm not able to restart/stop it.

Is there any way how to manually "kill" the running server?

Cheers! -p


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