Rubymine 2.5 EAP 96.1146: Cucumber step completion doesn't work

Hey guys,

In Rubymine 2.5 EAP 96.1146 the step completion for the cucumber features doesn't  work for me.
It seems like Rubymine isn't recognizing the "(?:|I)" passive group within the capybara wep_steps.rb step definitions.


I'm typing "When I" and press ^[space]. Rubymine shows "(?:|I) blah "([^"]*)" blah".
I hit enter and Rubymine inserts "(?:|I) blah "([^"]*)" blah",
with the cursor at the end of the line and without offering the possibility to jump through the capture groups with tab.

When I'm typing "When I follow", it doesn't even show  possibilities anymore. Only if I'm typing "When I ) follow" .

Somebody else encountered this problem yet or having a clue why that is happening?

Best regards

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Hello Manuel,

This looks like a bug, could you please create a corresponding issue at: with detailed description?
In this case you will get notified once it is fixed.

Best regards,

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Hey Oleg,

I created an issue 2 days ago and you updated the issue already.
Yesterday I installed the stable 2.0  Version of Rubymine, to see whether step completion works with this version, but it didn't work also.

Best regards,



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