Autotest DRB Model changes not reloading

When I change a validation in the model, the drb server doesn't take notice.

Is there a setting to be set, that this works and reloads the models properly?

Thanx a lot!



Used ENV

RM EAP 1085
Rails 2.3.8
Ruby 1.8.7 (rvm p302)
rspec 1.3.0
rspec-rails 1.3.2
spork 0.8.4
OS X 10.6.4

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It's a Spork issue.

Please open environment/test.rb and check reload classes option. Should be

  config.cache_classes = false

If it false than all works as expected in my environment (rails 3.0 application + rspec 2.0 + spork)

Also related Spork issues are - and

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