Bacon support in Rubymine


I use bacon rather than RSpec for writing my specs. Is there a way to get the test runner GUI to run my bacon specs? If not are there any plans to provide support for bacon?

At the moment if I configure my spec rake task to act like a RSpec test then the specs will run in the console but I get "No Tests Found" in the test panel and non of the nice features of the GUI test runner.

For info - I'm developing a website using Ramaze rather than Rails - bacon is the default tetsing framework in Ramaze. Given that Ramze is generally plain Ruby Rubymine supports it pretty well as a plain Ruby project - the main problem I've hit is with bacon support. That's not to say that some Ramaze specifc support wouldn't be nice...




Hi Dennis

Thanks for such a quick response.

I've raised issue RUBY-6556 on youTrack as requested.




Hi Chris,
right now we have no plans to implement bacon support, but you can file a feature request at Right now we have feature freeze for 2.5, but it can get into future releases.


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