Minor Bug - RM 2.0.2 - Live Templates

Hi there.

I've have a problem, abeit a minor one, since RM 2.01 with live templates.

This is on Debian Lenny JDK 1.6.0_12

I've just upgraded to RM-93.130 and the issue remains.

The issue is that some of my Live Templates settings don't persist. If I were to edit, say under ruby -> p and OK the dialog, the setting stays for the duration of the session. This setting, however, is lost if I were to restart RM or change to another project.

The same issue applies if I were to remove an antry: Live Templates -> ruby -> p <-- delete this. If RM is restarted or project changed, the p under ruby returns.

If, however, I delete another template (say par).. the change persists.... which leads me to believe that the p entry is save under user preferences and RM cannot modify this. I have checked under ~home/.RubyMine20/config/templates/ruby.xml and removed the p entry from there but the issue still remains.

Any suggestions on what else I can try?

Thanks for any help.

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