Local variable not used anymore warning...


The following code (and yes, this is just an example and not good Ruby code) pattern:

  def test
    x = 10
    for i in 1..10
      @z = x
      x *= 10 if @z < 10000

Will indicate (by underlining) that x within the statement "x *= 10 if @z < 10000" in no longer used.

If you remove the conditional "if @z < 10000" then it's OK---it understands that x is used within the for loop. But put the conditional on it and you get the warning.

I'm using EAP RM-93.130

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Hi Mark,

Indeed this is a false warning. Thanks for submitting this, I've created an issue: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/RUBY-5841



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