How to implement code completion for module and method with same name?

Following code is from Hpricot, and Hpricot is method name, also module name.  How to implement code completion for Hpricot module?     Hpricot.<caret> ,When I press Ctrl+Space, nothing popuped!  

In Ruby, module and method with same name is common, and code completion is possible?

def Hpricot(input = nil, opts = {}, &blk)
  Hpricot.make(input, opts, &blk)

module Hpricot
  # Exception class used for any errors related to deficiencies in the system when
  # handling the character encodings of a document.
  class EncodingError < StandardError; end

  # Hpricot.parse parses <i>input</i> and return a document tree.
  # represented by Hpricot::Doc.
  def Hpricot.parse(input = nil, opts = {}, &blk)
    make(input, opts, &blk)

  # Hpricot::XML parses <i>input</i>, disregarding all the HTML rules
  # and returning a document tree.
  def Hpricot.XML(input = nil, opts = {}, &blk)
    opts.merge! :xml => true
    make(input, opts, &blk)

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We are aware of this problem, the following issue describes the similar problem: Feel free to vote and comment.



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