keyboard stops responding

For some reason when im using rubymine the keyboard will suddenly stop responding. I can move the cursor within a document in rubymine and select menus but cant type. I dont know how to repeat it but its happening very often (i.e. every 30 mins or so)

Any ideas why?

(i downloaded the software last week). And im on ubuntu 9.10 64bit.

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Hi Adam,

What version of RubyMine do you use?
What Look and Feel do you use? Do you have any specific plugins installed?


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Sorry for the late reply. Had a week off from the pc.

i have the acid allow look and dont have any extra plugins installed.

version 2.0.1

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This continues to be a problem on macOS 10.11.* with RubyMine 2016.3.

I can switch to another app and witness the keyboard input works correctly. 

Switch back to RubyMine, keyboard input is not noticed by RubyMine.

Using Darkula theme.

Is this a macOS bug?





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there is a similar issue on our tracker, could you please check if your problem is the same:

In addition, do you use English keyboard layout? Do you have any keyboard managers (e.g. Karabiner) installed? Does RubyMine respond to mouse?

If you find the issue similar to yours then could you please leave there a comment attaching your idea.log.


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