Prune drop-down list of possible branches?


I have created numerous branches for my GIT repository that I no longer use. When I go to Version Control > Git > Checkout Branch and select a Root the 'Checkout' drop-down is populated with all possible branches. I'd like to be able to prune this list by removing the branches I no longer work on, but don't see how I can do this.

When I edit the .git/config file for the project I see the list of branches. I removed those branches and re-started RubyMine, thinking the list would not contain the items I just removed - but it does.

Is there a way to prune the list of possible GIT branches?


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Hi Larry,

Why haven't you used  git branch -d command for this purposes? RubyMine should automatically pick changes.


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I haven't used that command because I'm not familiar with it. And that's usually the reason one uses an IDE, so one can do these things from within the IDE as opposed to going out to the command line to get things done.

I was hoping there would be a way to do this from within the IDE, but I guess there isn't.

Thanks for the reply,


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