Cucumber -- running feature causes all steps to be "skipped step"

I've set up cucumber and added a feature file.  When I try to run the feature, it sas for eachc of the steps that the test is "skipped step".

I've verified that the steps are being recognized properly by the editor, anyway, by removing the step code from webrat_steps.rb, which causses the step in the feature file to go from blue hightlight to regular text; when I add it back in the step goes back to blue highlight.

What am I doing wrong?  Clearly, there probably is not enough info in this question for you to answer, so what else do I need to post to help diagnose the problem?

Also, I never get the option to create a missing step definition, as I should according to the cucumber integration demo.

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Hello Robert,

Please attach full console output and screenshot of "tests tree"


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