RubyMine with debug & Qt

After a bit of a struggle I've managed to get ruby-debug-
ide19 to work with Ruby 1.9 and RubyMine2.0 under Windows.

However, I was seeking to use RubyMine as a dev environment for Windows
desktop apps using qtruby and this is proving to be much more of a challenge.

As things stand I can either get Qt 4.3.4 installed with Ruby 1.8.6 using
Qt4ruby1.4.9 installer....with no debug installed in RubyMine2 (and I was able to run a Qt ruby demo), or
I can get Ruby 1.9.1 working with debug in RubyMine2.0!

What I really could do with is a set of instructions to build a set of Win
binaries for qt4_qtruby_2.0.3.  Had a go myself with MinGW just building qtruby but
cmake falls over looking for QtDbus....and I don't know how to replace this linux

Anyone else succeeding on Windows with Ruby 1.9.1,  RubyMine2.0 & Qt?

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