I miss my own snippets

Hi!...when I use netbeans even though it has not so good intellisense (autocomplete ) I could create my own snippets...I'm very lazy and this help so much (I even create a code for => and only type ar)...inside visual studio (w rails plugins) I have a very nice snnipet creator when I can create quikly my snippets...but..where is this possibility inside rubymine?...this is a important toy for many programmers and I miss it when I use RM (It's the only I miss!)...thanks...

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Have you already tried Live Templates (File | Settings | Live Templates)?
They provide exactly the same feature as you are talking about.

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I even create a code for => and only type ar)

We aslo have some action but it has predefined shortcut only in Textmate keymap. To assign shortcut
1. Open RubyMine | File | Settings  dialog
2. Choose Keymap section
3. Create a copy of bundled keymap ("Copy" button)
4. In search field type "=>"
Screen shot 2009-12-21 at 6.27.44 PM.png
5. Press "Add Keyboard Shortcut..." and choose shortcut


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