Problem with GoTo

My GoTo operations have stopped accepting keyboard input (described below...).

I am running RubyMine 2.0 on Ubuntu 9.04.

Initially, when I installed RubyMine, the GoTo navigation (Files, Classes, Symbols) worked like this:
- enter text to bring up a short list of matches
- use up/down arrow keys to select an item
- hit the Return Key to edit the item

Now after using RubyMine for a few days, the 'Return Key' step has stopped working.

I can still edit an item using the mouse.  But the mouse is more cumbersome than the keyboard, and for me this is a high-frequency operation.

Has anyone else seen this problem?  Is there a fix or workaround??

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Followup:  I found that I can select an item using "Ctrl / Return" - this opens the selected item in the edit window - then separately I have to close the "goto" dialog using the escape key.

Originally, the "Return" key opened the selected item, then closed the "goto" dialog box in a single operation.  How can I restore this?

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OK - I think I found out what is going on...

When the plugin 'IdeaVim' is installed, I see the GoTo problem.

When the plugin 'IdeaVim' is not installed, the problem goes away.

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for the investigation, this looks pretty similar to known issue:
Feel free to watch, comment and track progress of it.



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