Autocompletion for instance variables is not working.

I just installed rubymine 2.0 on my Mac.  I am trying to get autocompletion working for instance variables in my spec tests. I am using ruby 1.8.7 as my interpereter.

  1. I created a class called HealthMonitorInformation.
  2. I created a spec named health_monitor_information_spec.rb and included my class with this require statement. require File.expand_path("../heath_monitor_information")
  3. In the code snippet below you can see that I instantiate the object, and  verify that it gets instantiated correctly.  Then I type the first letters of the instance variable and use the control + spacebar combination expecting to see a suggestion for my instance variable, but I see no suggestions.

Picture 10.png

I even tried adding the folder containing the class to my load path, but that did not work.

This used to work all the time in the Rubymine 2.0 Beta 2 and before.    What happened?

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We've created an issue on this:
Feel free to track progress.


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