Synchronizing View when doing subversion update

Is there something like the Team Synchronizing Eclipse has?

This shows the Incoming updates before doing the actual updates.


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I assume you have subversion support configured in RubyMine. Open Changes tab at the bottom the RubyMine's window and   Incoming tab there to review all the incoming changes.
Also RubyMine will warn you if you have some modified files that were changes on server.
I recommend you to have a look at RubyMine's help, section: Local, Commited and Incoming Changes.

Hope this helps,

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Tried this, but I want:

Show the Changes as per the Structure.
Basically want to see just the Group by Structure...with the files showing directly there that have changed.\

That is the "Changes File" in the Folder structure should show up..

This is what the Eclipse Team Synchronizing Perspective does by default, if that helps...

Also, it allows to choose a Incoming change and just upadte that if needed at times.


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