Recognize plugin classes as project classes? (1.5-1287)


Is there a way we can configure a plugin's (engine) models, controllers, etc. to be part of the hosting Rail's project?

More information:

We are working on a project where the majority (but not all) of the development is actually done on an engine under vendor/plugins, not the host Rails project. The problem is, RubyMine does not see the plugin as part of the project and thus fails many of the analysis checks for the engine classes as the these classes are not part of the project.

The engine project is not setup to run up as an app itself, so opening the engine directly as a Rails app is not viable.

So, any suggestions on how to recognize the classes of specified plugin/engine as project classes?



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Hi Dan,

Unfortunately RubyMine doesn't support Rails Engines and support isn't planned for the nearest future(2-3 months).. But this feature is in our road map for version 2.0 - Also we are not sure that Rails Engines are quite popular and should have high priority, please vote for


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