Hello eveyone,

Looking through the issue tracker I couldn't find a few major bugs I've been experiencing on a regular basis with RubyMine.  Thus, I feel it is my duty, nay, my destiny to report them here (I couldn't figure out how to post issues to the bug tracker):

1) Method rename refactor renames methods in vendor/plugins.  The easiest way to reproduce this one is to try renaming one of your controller methods from "new" to "blah".  It correctly renames both the method and the template file but then proceeds to rename every usage of the "new" method (for any class) in every file in vendor/plugins.  Pretty major, right?

2) Template rename refactor renames methods in vendor/plugins.  Same behaviour as (1) but happens when renaming a template file (id rename new.html.erb to show.html.erb).  The worst part of this one is there's no way to disable the usages search/replace.  Thus, you can't safely rename template files from within RubyMine.

3) Partial template rename refactor incorrectly replaces all calls to render that template with "_template_name" instead of "template_name".  So if I have a partial in users called "_info.html.erb" and I rename it to "_information.html.erb", all the calls to <%= render partial => 'users/info' %> become <%= render partial => 'users/_information' %>.

4) Jumpy viewport when editing erb templates.  Sometimes, but not all the time, when editing an erb template, the viewport expands on the left side then quickly contracts again with every keystroke.  It's incredibly disorienting and practically unusable when this happens.  It seems to have something to do with the little links to other files/actions that appear in the left hand gutter.

I have lots of other lovely ideas for "fixes" that may or may not be bugs but I'll leave it at this for now.  Hopefully these issues aren't old news.  Actually, hopefully they are...

Anwyay, thanks a ton for the awesome Ruby IDE, I'm truly amazed you guys managed to do so much code introspection with a language like Ruby.

Holla to the JetBrains guys I met at JavaOne!  Sorry I forgot your names

- Ross


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