Place Cursor at end of line's content... and not where clicked?

Hello there,

I know this is a somewhat basic question but I simply have not found out how to change RubyMine's behaviour about the following: whenever I click -somewhere- in my open file, the cursor is placed exactly there (and not at the actual last position of the text/content of the line) & whenever I start typing, it happens in the 'middle of nowhere'. RubyMine/IDEA is actually the only ide/editor I've personally worked with that has this behaviour (set by default), but is there any way to disable this and make it place the cursor at the end of the line's content?



Hi Jörg

If you open the settings (File/Settings) and click the Editor option (under IDE Settings) you should see (in the right hand pane) a group of options relating to Virtual Space.
I think the first option "Allow placement of caret after end of line" might be what you are looking for.

Regards, Tony


Hey Tony,

awesome.. thanks!!



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