Not getting latest Ruby Plugin (OS X)

Thanks for the Christmas present.

I am trying to get the latest plugin to give it a try but my plugins list shows 2.0.214083 as the latest version.  I
also tried to update manually but that failed with the IDE not loading the plugin.  Any suggestions?


btw - love what I see so far.  Keep up the good work.

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Hi Jeff,

New plugin 2.0.218024 is compatible only with Diana EAP #9572. We will update the plugin for compatibility with latest Diana EAP #9618 in a day or two!

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Is there an update on the latest plugin being available for #9618?


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We've fixed a critical bug concerned to debugger support. Unfortunately fixed plugin isn't binary compatible with #9618. We are waiting for next Diana EAP which will be released soon.


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