Several of the Color Preferences Don't Work

I am using build 435 on OS X 10.5.5.

I prefer using a black background. In the process of trying to setup a color scheme to support that I have found that several of the Color settings do not stick. I am able to toggle the preferences but the changes never show up in the preview area at the bottom of the window. Neither "Apply" or "OK" buttons seems to have any affect for the problematic settings.

Go to Settings -> Editor -> Colors & Fonts -> General.

  • Caret row: unselect "Background" then try to save.

  • Caret: try unlselecting "Foreground" or changing the color.

I haven't tested every preference so there may be more. The inability to change these two (at least) prevent me from effectively using a black background.

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Works fine for me

1. Open : Settings > Editor > Colors & Fonts > General
2. If scheme name is "Default" then press "save as" button and create custom scheme
3. Select "Default text" in list
4. Enable foreground and select white color
5. Enable background and select black color
6. press apply

P.S: Also we are going bundle black scheme in future RubyMine builds

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Roman.Chernyatchik wrote:

P.S: Also we are going bundle black scheme in future RubyMine builds

Include a way to import TextMate color schemes and you gain the undying
gratitude of thousands :)

-- Marcus

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I've created issue for it - We are going to do it not very soon, but in the nearest future


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