Anonymous: Cannot determine modules type for the following module "railstes

Anonymous, 2008-09-23, 23:10:44

Cannot determine modules type for the following module "railstest".
The module will be treated as a Java module.
I can create Rails projects but then I get these errors and intellij does not recognize them as rails projects anymore.
Please help...

What version of plugin do you use? In what version was created module "railstest"? Our plugin for Diana should suggest to automatically convert project created in ruby plugin 1.0/1.5 to new format.

You can create new project with ruby module and jruby facet for sources of "railstest". For this you should set "railstest" source folder as module's content root in "New project wizard".

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I use IntelliJ 7.0.4 (Build 7941) and the Ruby Plugin Verision is 1.5.18930. Before I used 7.0.3 and things worked. Then I upgraded IntelliJ and the Plugin and now the following behaviour is reproduceable:

1. I create a new Ruby ond Rails (2.0.2) Project
Now everything is ok. However, I close it right after I created it. Now when I open the project and open the menu by right klicking on for example a controller, the "Rake" menu item is grayed/disabled and under the menu item "new" all the rails creation menu items like "Controller" and so on are missing.

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Please check that Ruby SDK is set for your Ruby module(or java module with JRuby facet) and execute actions "Tools|Ruby on Rails|Reload Generators" and "Tools|Ruby on Rails|Reload Rake Tasks".


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