Speeding up the running of a single spec test

Although this issue is not exclusive to IDEA Ruby, you folks may be able to offer me a solution to this problem...
Currently when I run a single spec test (by CtrlShiftF10 to run current file) it kicks off something like....

C:\dev-helper\jruby-1.1.2\bin\jruby.bat -e "STDOUT.sync=true;STDERR.sync=true;load($0=ARGV.shift)" C:/dev-helper/jruby-1.1.2/bin/spec C:/dev/GAME-ENGINE/spec/models/adhoc_spec.rb -fs -c

.. which is great, but it is so slow to start up (about 10 secs). I have read somewhere that I should be able to... spec:server:start .. so that when a single spec test is run then no loading of required path(s) is needed .... but I've also read that it doesn't work on Windows (Vista).

So.... is there any recommendations anyone can make in regards to speeding up the invocation of a single sec test via IDEA Ruby?

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OK... I obviously hadn't seen this before I posted... apologies.

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Sam, at current moment ruby plugin doesn't use remote Spec/Test::Unit runner, but we want to add such support in future

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Maybe this link http://rspec.info/documentation/rails/runners.html will be useful for you. You should launch "script/spec_server" and than execute spec examples with drb flag in spec options. (e.g. in default configuration of RSpec Run configuration you can setup SPEC_OPTS env variable with value "drb")

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Thanks Roman, but I believe my problems are to do with using jruby.. not ruby.
I had tried..
jruby -S rake spec:server:start
.. but found...

Now that I try your suggestion (jruby script/spec_server), I am seeing...

I'm assuming I can only utilise the spec server when using native ruby.


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