Ruby and JRuby SDK?

Hello, all. I am just starting out using Intellij Idea for Ruby development.

I want to use both regular Ruby and JRuby, but am having some problems.

When I try to run my Ruby program, I get "No SDK specified." But when I go to specify one in the Project Settings, the only one there is my Java 6, and when I set it to that and try to run the program I get "Wrong SDK type".

What is the meaning of an SDK with respect to Ruby? How do I set up my project so that I have access to Ruby or JRuby?



Hello, Keith!

For Ruby development you should create Ruby SDK. You can create it in Settings|Project Settings|JDKs. Ruby SDK is an abstraction, that points to ruby interpreter and standart ruby library.
See for more details.

For JRuby development, you should create pure Java module and configure JRuby facet for it.


Oleg -

Thanks for responding. I got both Ruby and JRuby to work.

I'm on a Mac running Leopard. To make it easier for others, I will share the information that this is the directory I found for the Ruby SDK:


...and for the JRuby SDK, it was (obviously) where I chose to install it:





Good idea, we've updated our FAQ. Thank you!

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