Missing File Commands in Ruby Plugins

So far two important file level commands are missing:

1. Compare Two Files
- When I tried to select two ruby files and right click in an attempt to compare the files, but the "Compare Two Files" menu is missing.

2. When I tried to add a ruby script (a ruby module) to SVN via right click, the corresponding menu is missing.

Hope we can see those menu back soon.


What version of plugin and IDEA do you use?
Works fine for me with IDEA#7718 and Ruby plugin v1.0.699.


Where did you right click? (in TextEditor/Project View tree/Rails Project View, etc)


I was using IDEA build 7590 and Ruby plugin 1.0.14330.

After updating to Ruby plugin 1.0.14699, the issues still exists.

Where can I get the versions of IDEA and Ruby plugin you mentioned? They are not available online.


I right-clicked from the Project View Tree.


7718 is one of 7.0.3 EAP builds.
Latest EAP builds can be downloaded at:


Edmond, I've just checked it on 7590 and last EAP - all works.

1. This menus may be missed in Project View, if

  • ->[Ruby on Rails]->[Project View]->[Use Ruby specific Class/Module Project View] is enabled

  • in Rails Project View.

Please check it.

2. Also please right-click in IDEA text editor and check that Subversion submenu is shown. Check that your project is under version control. (see ->[version control])


Thanks Oleg. I'll wait for the next offical release to try that out.


Hi Roman,

I just tried with IDEA build 7757 and I follow your suggestions. Still cannot see the menus in tree view.

I can see the subversion menu when I right click the text editor.


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