block comment not working for custom language plugin

Hello gurus,

    I am trying to develop a custom language support for plist format.    The source code and sample langulage format is listed here:

    I have following questions :

   (1) The block comment is not properly recoginzied by the editor.  When using "Live Preview" feature of the Plist.bnf, following file can be recoginzed correctly:

(even though there is a red line under the /*. but the structure panel correctly shows the hierarchy

   /* block comment */

When I start running the plugin, the block comment cannot be recoginzed and the psi structure is wrong:

The funny thing is, the code color panel can recoginze the block comment though

So I think it is all because of the Plist.bnf has something wrong.

  (2) How to differentiate between key and value ?  The only difference of key and value is:  key cannot contain space,  value could contain space.
Right now I could not figure out a way to differentiate these two so I just use string. But this will not give the corret code color.


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