How to use Typescript compiler plug-in

Mac OS X version 10.10.5, Jetbrains version 8.0.3. Node version 4.2.4. JS enabled, node enabled, and Typescript compiler enabled (Jetbrains bundled version). Won't compile to a js file regardless of output location. Won't produce any errors even if I break the typescript code. I'm using a simple one file (.ts) using the greeter code from Typescript's sight. Wanted to test the compiler. Just don't understand how it works. Seems like a simple test but obviously not. Followed the instructions provided by JetBrains but I'm stuck. First time trying it, do I need other files listed in the console log?

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Figured it out. Needed to have .ts extension on filename. Thought it did as Rubmine showed TS on file tab in editor.


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