intellij analyzing large Java heap dumps

is there a intellij plugin like Eclipse MAT tool that can  analyzing large Java heap dumps


No plugin is needed for this. It isn't readily apparent; however, Analyze->Analyze Stacktrace also anaylizes heap dumps (requires 12.x I believe).

I couldn't have been more wrong, IntelliJ can analyze thread dump, not heap dumps.

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I realize this is an OLD thread, but just couldn't stand the bad information.

You can analyze a THREAD dump with the Stacktrace Analyzer. You cannot analyze a HEAP dump.


Yep, I totally misread "heap" as "thread" and gave the wrong information. sigh...


There are two commercial choices, and nothing in the FOSS space of which I'm aware.

In no particular order (they're both really, really good)

  1. JProfiler
  2. YourKit

OP was asking after IntelliJ plugin that uses a FOSS memory analyzer.

MAT is really quite awesome - just doesn't work with IntelliJ.


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