Bower unable to list packages

osx 10.9.5
Intellij Idea v15.0
NodeJs plugin v143.381.11

Originally tested in:

Intellij Idea v14.1.4
NodeJs plugin v141.1509

Trying to use bower as described here:

  1. Installed NodeJs
  2. Installed bower with "npm install -g bower"
  3. Ran "bower init"

Then in Idea:

  1. Loaded NodeJS plugin and set paths to npm, bower, and bower.json
  2. Clicked "+" button to list packages

Got  an error that says "Failed to List All Bower Packages".  Looking at the  full command that failed, it appears to be running "/usr/local/bin/npm  /usr/local/bin/bower search --json" which fails with the same output if I  run that from the command line.  I can run "bower search --json" or  "/usr/local/bin/bower search --json" successfully from the command line  however.  Here is a screen grab of the full error:

Any idea what's wrong and how I can get this working?  Thanks!

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Thanks for the detailed report. Looks like you specified path to npm in "Node interpreter" field.


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