WYSIWYG Javadoc viewer

I was looking through some of the posts looking for a way to hook in  some math fomula rendering in the Quick Documentation Dialog and I can't find how to extend the html viewing capabilities of the Quick  Documentation Dialog (at least not in the standard IDEA).

What I need to do is process the javadoc via MathJax and then render it in Quick Documentation Dialog so that when inputing  complex formulas I can see what the javadoc will look like after its  been published without having to generate the javadoc and then viewing  it via a web browser. Obviously Quick Documentation Dialog is processing the javadoc and then rendering HTML from it but there is not much out there on where or how this is done. Can anyone point this newbie in the right direction or let me know if there is a plugin that either does this or something similar so I can get an idea (no pun intended) on where to start plugin development?

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