Debugging iOS application via USB with AIR SDK 15.x


I just bring myself to use Intellij IDEA (I have a 12.1 Licence) for probably abandon Flash Builder soon, but I can not debug my iOS app via USB with AIR SDK 15 I targeted.

I get this messages:

- Check AIR Version

- AIR Version
"To debug iOS application via USB, AIR 3.4 pr later is required"

I have the same issue with iOS Simulatot Debugging.

Is there something special to do things to make it work?

I thank you in advance,

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Thank you for the quick reply, but let me clear up any doubts: you say that It "should" work in the latest IntelliJ IDEA 13.1. Am I to understand that it's certain that it actually works?

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I thank you so much.


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