Xiki plugin.

Xiki is a shell console with GUI features, which is designed to be embedded into editors.
From screencasts (http://xiki.org/screencasts/) it looks pretty cool.

The author is emacs user, and for now only emacs is well supported. But he is interested in adding xiki support to other editors. From project's github page(https://github.com/trogdoro/xiki):

Are you in the bay area and savvy at extending your editor (vim, sublime, textmate, rubymine)?  Ping me on the google group and we'll get together and pair on making a Xiki extension for it.

Is anyone else excited about xiki? Maybe someone is so much excited, that he is willing to make a plugin for it?


Yes, it would be great to see a RubyMine plugin for Xiki.


Looks awesome


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